Dee Felice Trio, In Heat

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Artist: Dee Felice Trio
Title: In Heat
Label: Bethlehem BS-10000
Release Date: 1969
Genre: Soul Jazz
Condition: Very Good

First thing I noticed was the “James Brown Production” logo in the upper right corner. James might say it best in the liner notes, “The music in this album is a “mixed bag,” whether your “Stroke” is Soul, Rock, Blues, Folk or Bossa Nova – it’s here to hear AND ALL WITH AN UNDERLYING Jazz Beat.”

Apparently the Godfather of Soul fell in love with these guys after hearing them in Cleveland, and produced the album for them. Apparently they have some session credit on a few other James Brown cuts from this time period too.

To me, it sounds like another version of the Ramsey Lewis Trio, piano, bass and drums, running through contemporary standards and a couple of originals. It’s not funky like a James Brown record, but rather safe. It wouldn’t insult a jazz head but would also be fine for a cocktail party.

The version of “Wichita Lineman” was another reason I bought the record. I’ll buy any album with that Jimmy Webb number on it. All and all it’s a decent buy, nothing mind blowing but nothing too stupidly insulting.

The blue James Brown label was one I hadn’t seen before. I’m guessing it’s a repress because it seems to be in too good of shape to be an original. Plus, projects associated with James Brown, generally go for more money.

James Brown concludes on the Liner notes, “I personally feel that Dee, Frank & Lee are three of the “Strongest” Musicians around today. It took me three years to find time to hear the Dee Felice Trio, you can Do It Now – just put the record on the box, turn up the volume and Dig, Baby, Dig.”

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