Charlotte Gainsbourg, IRM

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Artist: Charlotte Gainsbourg
Title: IRM
Label: Because Music / Elektra
Release Date: January 26, 2010
Genre: Rock

The album title, IRM is the French equivalent to the medical MRI, giving point of reference to the head trauma Ms. Gainsbourg suffered during a recent skiing accident. The opening cut, “Master’s Hands” lands you in squarely in the hospital. And the second track, “IRM” is like a modern day “Dry Bones,” but much drier.

The album, IRM is a trip through pain, darkness and uncertainty. It’s the equivalent sitting in a hospital waiting room for family only. Rhythms tend to be as mechanical as a heart monitor and the music can flow like a transfusion or drone on like a siren.

I find little pleasure in the experience of the disc – which is perfect – because it is reflective of Gainsbourg’s distressful ordeal. I am in awe of how it can mold my feelings.  That is due to her collaborator, Beck. As much as this is Gainsbourg’s experience, Beck deserves great merit for his production that completes the concept.

People may have trouble with the IRM because of its overall relative feel. But just because it uses the same medium as pop music, does not mean it has to supply us with a number one hit so we can all dance along.

I don’t believe Charlotte Gainsbourg wants us to share her suffering, but wants to share her story with us.

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