Roy Wood Wizzo Band, Super Active Wizzo

Posted on April 4, 2010 by

Roy Wood Wizzo BandSuper Active Wizzo
Warner Brothers UK  K6388, 1977

Genre: Rock
Format: Vinyl
Price Paid: $8.99

Roy Wood has lead his band mates down some strange roads and they have followed. How he got them in this convoy I have no clue. Super Active Wizzo is a strange mess.

It’s Emerson Lake & Palmer with a touch of glam, fusion, some studio wizardry and a splash of pedal steel. Where this was supposed to take me I cannot fathom.

I’ll probably never listen to the album again but I’m keeping it for two reasons: 1) I’ll never recoup the money I paid for it, and 2) I’m keeping it out of the hands of some impressionable listener, so he or she doesn’t equate this confusion with other Roy Wood related projects.

I generally like Roy Wood and will listen to his contribution on any concept from the Move, to Wizzo. Something went terribly wrong here.

(It could be a D if it wasn’t so goddamned strange).


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