New Vinyl Releases, October 2018

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— Friday, October 26th ——-

Barry Adamson – Memento Mori
Bauhaus – In The Flat Field
Bauhaus – Mask
Jorge Ben – Jorge Ben

Blondie – Heart of Glass The song that burst Blondie out of the streets of the Bowery to #1 on the charts, “Heart of Glass” was the pivotal moment in punk’s choreographed slamdance with the mainstream. Inspired by Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, Blondie transformed their campy “Disco Song” into a Roland- driven juggernaut and never looked back. Explored and exploded via six distinct versions remastered from the original analog tapes, the history of “Heart of Glass” is documented here in a copious essay and it’s art reimagined by noted American illustrator Shepard Fairey. “With me it’s a psychic thing that has to do with the beat. The 4/4 heartbeat rhythm has a calming effect on the listener. It’s popular because it’s biological.” —Debbie Harry 
David Bowie – Heathen
Boy George & Culture Club – Life
Butthole Surfers – Independent Worm Saloon
Coven – Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Soul
We’ve reissued a lot of “cult” albums at Real Gone Music. But of all the releases we’ve put out, this is the cult-iest of them all. That’s because it’s actually an occult album, the first record to bring Satanic themes to rock music. The upside down crosses, the “devil’s horns” hand’s signs that are commonplace with metal bands both past and present…they all started here. Coven even had a bassist named Oz Osborne…and the first track on the album was entitled “Black Sabbath,” for, er, heaven’s sake! So there’s no question that this 1969 album dealt with the devil first. But perhaps a little history is in order… Formed in the mid-‘60s by then-teenaged vocalist “Jinx” Dawson, drummer Steve Ross, and the aforementioned Mr. Osborne in the mid-‘60s, Coven began attracting attention while opening for bands like Alice Cooper, the MC5, and The Yardbirds both for its dark psychedelic sound and for its wholehearted, unrepentant embrace of sex and Satan. During each performance, Dawson—whose vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Grace Slick with a snarl—would extend her fingers in the now-familiar devil’s horns gesture while a roadie would be hung on an upside-down cross. The band caught the eye of Chicago-based producer Bill Traut, who had formed a label named Dunwich (natch…catch the H.P. Lovecraft reference?). Traut brought songwriter Jim Donlinger on board to contribute material, and ushered Coven into the studio to record Witchcraft. The result was a truly one-of-a-kind record. While subsequent bands exploited demonic imagery and occult themes for commercial success and sensationalism, Coven were true (un)believers. Thus, the last track on the album, “Satanic Mass,” is a full Black Mass, the only recording of its kind, while the double-gatefold album jacket—which we have faithfully reproduced—not only displays a picture of a naked Dawson splayed across a ritualistic altar surrounded by hooded members of the band and its associates, but also includes the full text of a Black Mass along with lyrics to the unabashedly Satan-worshipping songs. In the end, Witchcraft was a little too far ahead of its time; coming out in 1969, at the height of hysteria about Satanism whipped up by the Manson Family murders, the album generated a firestorm of reaction, which turned into an inferno when Manson himself was photographed holding a copy of the record. The album was recalled, Dunwich withdrew support, and the band bounced around a couple of other labels before going on hiatus in 1976. But Coven remains a crucial, if under-recognized, influence on hard rock and heavy metal. Now, at last, Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls receives its first-ever legitimate vinyl reissue with full artwork intact and a crimson vinyl pressing limited to 1200 copies. Whether approached as a cultural artifact, a totemic fetish, a camp classic, or just really cool music, it will cast a spell on you.
David Crosby – Here If You Listen
Kyle Dixon – Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds from the Upside Down
Bill Evans – Everybody Digs Bill Evans
Filter – Short Bus
Bert Jansch – Just A Simple Soul
The Kinks – The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society 50th Anniversary Edition or Super Deluxe Box Set 
This lavishly packaged super-deluxe box set is part of the BMG ‘Art Of The Album’ series, which focuses specifically on high quality, bespoke packaged re-issues of seminal albums within the BMG catalogue, offering the highest spec audio masters and original artwork. The set contains remastered original LPs, CDs of the remastered original albums plus a wealth of unreleased bonus material, reproduced 7″ singles, deluxe hardback photo book with comprehensive notes and new band interviews, and reproduced original memorabilia. Somewhat overlooked upon its release in November 1968, The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society is now seen as one of the best British albums ever recorded. Created in difficult circumstances by a band who refused to follow fashion, it is an album of timeless, perfectly crafted songs about growing up and growing old, and the decline of national culture and traditional ways. Enduring and unsurpassed, with its wit, sadness, quiet anger, regret and charm, it is generally considered the high point of The Kinks’ outstanding career and Ray Davies’ masterpiece. A calm, nostalgic album which feels like a sweet, hazy dream but with endless layers of musical and lyrical innovation, The Village Green Preservation Society’s defiantly British sensibilities became the foundation of generations of British guitar pop. God Save The Village Green!
Blind Willie McTell – Rough Guide To Blind Willie McTell
Meters – Zony Mash

Mudhoney – Tomorrow Hit Today
NRBQ – All Hopped Up
Janek Schaefer (for Robert Wyatt) – What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing
Ty Segall – Fudge Sandwich
Skinny Puppy – Cleanse Fold & Manipulate
Skinny Puppy – Perpetual Intercourse
Bruce Springsteen – Ghost of Tom Joad
Bruce Springsteen – Human Touch
Bruce Springsteen – Lucky Town
Bruce Springsteen – MTV Unplugged
Bruce Springsteen – Tunnel of Love
Super Unison – Stella
Tangerine Dream  – Sessions 1
They Might Be Giants – Lincoln
Moe Tucker – I’m Sticking With You: An Introduction to Moe Tucker
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – IC-01 Hanoi
Dean Warham – Vs. Cheval Sombre
Wilco – The Album Picture Disc
Thom Yorke – Suspira

— Friday, October 19th ——-

Anthrax – State of Euphoria
Richard Ashcroft – Natural Rebel
Barenaked Ladies – Stunt
Big Black – Songs About Fucking
Wesley Bright & The Honeytones – You Don’t Want Me / Happiness 7″
Broncho – Bad Behavior
Jeff Buckley – Live At Sin-e
Eugene Chadbourne – Solo Guitar Vol 1-3
Cloud Nothings – Last Building Burning

Sam Cooke – The Best of Sam Cooke
Cranberries – Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can’t We
Dem Atlas – Bad Actress
Growing up in a dysfunctional home in Minneapolis, there were two things Joshua Turner turned to for comfort when his parents fought: the records he’d listen to on a loop to drown out their conflict and the atlas he’d pore over to pretend he was anywhere else. Turner’s all grown up now, but his sources of childhood refuge continue to play an integral role in his life. In his spare time he draws maps for fun, and, under the name Dem Atlas, he’s composing his emotionally complex hip-hop records aimed at listeners who are in need of some sonic solace of their own. His new album, Bad Actress, represents the culmination of a twisting creative path that Turner’s patiently been following since his teens. He was a poet, a painter, and the frontman for a rock band before he found his space in Minneapolis’ prolific rap scene.
Ethiopians – Engine 54
Farro – Pure-O

Greta Van Fleet – Anthem of the Peaceful Army
How To Dress Well – The Anteroom

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Live From The Ryman
Elle King – Shake The Spirit
Yusef Lateef – Phoenix
Furry Lewis  – Back On My Feet Again
Minus The Bear – Fair Enough
Will Oldham – Songs of Love
T.I. – Paper Trail
Tess Parks  & Anton Newcombe – Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe
This is the second full-length album from Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe. The self-titled album contains 9 tracks. “Right On” is the only track that has been released before on the eponymous EP released earlier in 2018. All tracks were recorded at Cobra Studios, Berlin in 2017, the majority of the songs co-written by Tess & Anton.
Primal Scream – Give Out But Don’t Give Up Double vinyl LP pressing. 2018 archive release. After the huge success of Screamadelica, in 1993 Primal Scream went to Memphis to make an album with Tom Dowd and the Muscle Shoals rhythm section, which was originally intended to be their ‘country soul’ album, but never saw the light of day. Now, following the recent discovery of these tracks lurking in Andrew Innes’ basement, Primal Scream will release the original studio recordings from Memphis of the tracks that eventually became their 1994 album Give Out But Don’t Give Up. Teaming up with legendary producer Tom Dowd and the Muscle Shoals rhythm section of David Hood (bass) and Roger Hawkins (drums) at Ardent Studios in Memphis, these are the results from those classic sessions. Dowd’s deft production, coupled with the merging of this sublime rhythm section along with the band led to the creation of nine glorious tracks that run the gamut between blues, gospel, soul and country.
R.E.M. – Best Of R.E.M.
Mongo Santamaria – Watermelon Man
William Shatner – Shatner Claus

The Soul Chance – Give Love A Try / The Soul Chance 7″
Steady Hands – Truth In Comedy
Whitesnake – Unzipped
Wu-Tang Clan – Enter Wu-Tang
Soundtrack – Halloween, music by John Carpenter
Soudtrack – Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy
Various Artists – Damaged Goods 1988-2018

— Friday, October 12th ——-

Barrie – Singles
David Bowie – Loving The Alien The LP contains a brand new production of the 1987 album ‘NEVER LET ME DOWN’ by Bowie producer / engineer Mario McNulty with new instrumentation by Bowie collaborators Reeves Gabrels (guitar), David Torn (guitar), Sterling Campbell (drums), Tim Lefebvre (bass) as well as string quartet with arrangements by Nico Muhly and a guest cameo by Laurie Anderson on ‘Shining Star (Makin’ My Love)’. The fifteen-piece vinyl set is named after the opening track from the ‘Tonight’ album and includes newly remastered versions of David’s most commercially successful period ‘LET’S DANCE’, ‘TONIGHT’, ‘NEVER LET ME DOWN (ORIGINAL and 2018 VERSIONS)’, the live album ‘GLASS SPIDER (Live Montreal ’87)’, the previously unreleased ‘SERIOUS MOONLIGHT’ live album, a collection of original remixes entitled ‘DANCE’ and the non-album / alternate version / b-sides and soundtrack music compilation RE:CALL 4.
James Brown – Say It Live & Loud: Live In Dallas – 8/28/68
Neneh Cherry – Broken Politics
Eric Clapton – Happy Xmas
Cypress Hill – Elephants on Acid
The Fall – I Am Curious Oranj
Fleetwood Mac – The Dance

Fleetwood Mac – Say You Will
Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
John Hiatt – Eclipse Sessions
Peter Holsapple Vs. Alex Chilton – The Death of Rock
Newly discovered recordings of early solo Peter Holsapple and Like Flies On Sherbert–era Alex Chilton • Liner notes by Peter Holsapple and author/filmmaker, Robert Gordon. • Previously unseen photos from the collections of Peter Holsapple and Pat Rainer. It’s 1978 at Sam Phillips Recording Service in Memphis, TN. Peter Holsapple had rolled into town chasing the essence of Big Star. He hooked up with musician/engineer/friend-of-Big-Star, Richard Rosebrough after approaching, and being turned down by, Chris Bell who Holsapple had hoped might be interested in producing him. Together Richard and Peter started laying down tracks during the off hours at the studio. Chilton meanwhile, was knee deep in the making of Like Flies On Sherbert, also being tracked at Phillips. He told Peter, “I heard some of that stuff you’re working on with Richard . . . and it really sucks.” Alex promised to come by and show Peter “how it’s done.” The results? Alex’s tracks definitely line up with the chaos found on Flies, while several of Peter’s songs found homes on The dB’s albums (“Bad Reputation” and “We Were Happy There”) and on an album by The Troggs (“The Death Of Rock” retooled as “I’m In Control”), so not a loss at all. What we have in these newly discovered tapes, is a fascinating pivot point with both artists moving past each other headed in distinctly different directions. Chilton moved toward punk/psychobilly as he began playing with Tav Falco’s Panther Burns and produced The Cramps debut, Songs The Lord Taught Us, within a few months of these recordings. Holsapple was off to New York to audition for The dB’s and enter the world of “sweet pop.” Liner notes by Peter Holsapple tell the story of these recordings firsthand and author/filmmaker/Memphian, Robert Gordon, helps pull the time and place into focus. Previously unseen photos included in the package are drawn from the collections of Peter Holsapple and Pat Rainer. Produced by Cheryl Pawelski with mastering by Mike Graves at Osiris Studio and Jeff Powell at Take Out Vinyl/Sam Phillips Recording Service in Memphis, who brings it all right back to where it started.
Jason Isbell – Live From The Ryman
Hank Jones – Arigato
Tom Morello – Atlas Underground
Tom Morello is living proof of the transformative power of rock’n’roll. As the co-founder of Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave and Prophets Of Rage, and through collaborations with everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Johnny Cash, he has continually pushed the limits of what one man can do with six strings.
But on his latest album The Atlas Underground, he’s transformed his sound into something even he could not have anticipated, blending Marshall stack riff-rock with the digital wizardry of EDM and hip-hop to create the most ambitious artistic effort of his storied career.
The Atlas Underground includes collaborations with Marcus Mumford, Portugal. The Man, the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and GZA, Vic Mensa, K.Flay, Big Boi, Gary Clark Jr., Pretty Lights, Killer Mike and Whethan among others. “The riffs and the beats led the way, but the extraordinary talents of the collaborators set my creativity into uncharted territory,” says Morello.
Marissa Nadler – For My Crimes
Tommy McCook – Tommy McCook
Re-issue of his debut solo record from 1969
Graham Parker – Cloud Symbols
Nina Simone – Sings Ellington
Steeldrivers – Reckless
Kurt Vile – Bottle It In

Colter Wall – Songs of the Plains

— Friday, October 5th —————-

Atmosphere – Mi Via Local
Blood Orange – Negro Swan
Doyle Bramhall II – Shades
James Brown – Black Caesar
James Brown – Slaughter’s Big Ripoff

Cat Power – Wanderer
Merry Clayton – Merry Clayton

Coheed & Cambria – The Unheavenly Creature
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon
Ron Gallo – Stardust Birthday Party
Thee Headcoats – In Tweed We Trust
Kristin Hersch – Possible Dust
Will Hoge – My American Dream

Madeline Kennedy – Perfect Shapes
L7 – L7 Re-issue of their 1988 debut LP
Mastadon – Once More ‘Round The Sun
Mighty Maytones – Madness
Paper Kites – On The Train Ride Home
Richard Reed Parry – Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1
Pedro The Lion – Achilles Heel
Revered Peyton’s Damned Band – Poor Until Payday
Supersuckers – Suck it!
Sweet Jap – Be My Venus
Toots & The Maytals – Ska Father
Tricky – Maxinquaye
KT Tunstall – Wax
Various Artists – Punk Rock Halloween
Various Artists – Shaolin Soul Episode 4



Tuesday, October 2nd

The Devil Wears Prada – With Roots Above & Branches Below
Devildiver – Devildiver
Devildiver – The Last Kind Words
Dio – Dream Evil Limited edition green vinyl
Dio – Lock Up The Wolves Limited edition gray vinyl
Faces – Snakes & Ladders
Limited edition clear vinyl
Love – Revisited Limited edition red vinyl
The Rutles – The Rutles 40th Anniversary Edition
Television – Marquee Moon Limited double blue vinyl and including “Little Johnny Jewel Parts 1 & 2.”
Soundtrack – The Return of the Living Dead


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