Good Grief, Charlie Brown, It’s The Old Smugglers, Saturday, Sept. 21, 3-6pm

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Saturday, September 21

With buckets of gumption and whisky, The Old Smugglers extinguish the fires of mediocrity and complacency to bring forth a new day of undeserved confidence. They are your guides to musical fulfillment. Like a nightingale stuck in your throat and a rusty nail up your backside, The Old Smugglers bottom deal and backslide their way into your heart to save your wretched soul.

Juan Kuffner has been performing live since he was 12 years old, now usually on piano accordion, cajun accordion, fiddle, and vocals. He writes original songs in Spanish, French, German, and English, and also sings in other languages including Yiddish, Romanian, Portuguese, and Ladino. His original song “Dear Molly” was featured in NCIS New Orleans in 2015.

3pm Philippe Gallandat
4pm Juan Kuffner
5pm The Old Smugglers

Sunday, September 29
Kiss The Tiger
The Smokes

Friday, October 4th
7:00 pm
Nitrowave TC Present: Unholy Rat King & North Innsbruck


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