Making The Grade

These grades are given in respect for comparing albums within a genre.

A+ : The album is flawless.
A   : A great album by all means, but missing perfection for petty reasons. Perfection is hard to achieve! We just can’t dole out A+’s to everyone!
A-  : Just missing the “A” grade because of a minor infraction, like a stupid lyric or containing a song that can be there only to be pure filler.
B+ : A very good record that should be owned by people who enjoy this particular genre. although it is not an “A” grade, it can still be proudly displayed in your music collection.
B   : A good record where the art easily outweighs the drivel.
B-  : These albums rely on the credibility of the artist and are generally collected by completists. They do not represent the artist at the top of their craft.
C+ : Some component shows signs of better things to come or a glimpse of past greatness. It is better to purchase one of these albums at a discounted price or out of a used bin.
C  : An average album within the genre. Not good, not bad, but probably best to purchase the one or two singles you enjoy.
C- : An average album with one good song. This grade is generally given to artists taking a step backwards.
D  : Not a total failure, but one must question the artist for producing such an effort.
F  : A waste of time for every party involved; from the producer to the musicians to the perceived audience. Somebody owes someone an apology.
X  : This album is so bad it has to be heard. It’s actually closer to perfection than an “F” grade.