Redondo Beat, Meet Redondo Beat

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Artist: Redondo Beat
Title: Meet Redondo Beat
Label: Dionysus 1233145
Released: January 11, 2011
Genre: Rock / Retro Rock

Redondo Beat is a German power-pop trio at their best. They were Sky Saxon’s backing band during his final European tour, so they have some grit. But this, their debut album for Dionysus Records, is more on the sweet side than the gritty. It may have fared better with some more grit.

“The Sweetest Sound,” opens the album with great promise. This track would fall between songs by the Knack, the Shoes, Dwight Twilley or the Records and you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s not thirty years old.

“The Spell I’m Under” is a catchy piece of pop rock, sounding like Shadow Morton got a hold of a Marshall Crenshaw rarity. But it begins to sound a little too processed when it switches gears into “My Baby (Knows How To Have A Good Time”). My sweet tooth is beginning to turn into a stomachache.

I’m now beginning to think I’ve heard these songs before. I’m hearing familiar riffs and I can’t concentrate on the song. Instead I’m racking my brain to figure out from where it was lifted.

This album has the elements I seek in power pop -catchy hooks, hand claps, background vocals, 60s sensibilities – but , I just can’t embrace it “I Can’t Wait Until Saturday Night” reminds me of “Shout” and “I’ll Never Let You Go” sounds like Conway Twitty’s “It’s Only Make Believe.” I like the two originals better.

The sole cover on the album is the Gladiola’s “Shoop Shoop.” I never cared for the original that much, nor does Redondo Beat do anything to it to make me warm up to it.

A four-song EP of this containing, “The Sweetest Sound, “Full Moon Child,” “The Spell I’m Under” and “My Baby (Knows How To Have A Good Time)” would’ve been all that we needed at this point. It would’ve kept me wanting more. Instead, I can wait two more years for another release.

I wouldn’t stay away from this release. I’d suggest downloading the four songs I mentioned and you have yourself a pretty damn good power-pop extended play.


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  1. Mike Elias says:

    I heard “My Baby (Knows How To Have A God Time)” last night in the car. It’s a great song for driving.

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